Dolphin, MVA, and Research Introductions

Dolphins 1st, then the research in context

Rita, Gracie, Cedeña, Mrs. Beasley, Alita, Carmella, Mika, Maury, Fiona, Paya, Esteban, Hector, Ritchie, Bill, Ronnie, Mr. French, Ken, Jack. These are the 18 delphinid residents of Bailey’s Key. They are like extended family and warmly welcomed my team. The seaweed-toss game is a favorite. During the swim, several of the younger dolphins will bring blades of sea grass or seaweed to swimmers for a game of toss. I’m not sure who enjoys it more. After play time, I introduced my team (Bill, Ronnie, Karen, Elaine, Pete, Raul, Sandra, Mattias) to the MVA and our data sheets and procedures. Everyone was very enthusiastic. We reviewed video and the dolphin identities- i.e their scars, rake marks, and other ID marks. It was a good first day. Tomorrow, we start at 0615am for an early morning session with the dolphins and the MVA data collection. Till then, Kathleen P.S. Sandra and Mattias’ bags not here today- tomorrow for sure. Spare stuff is shared from among the group.