Packing & Preparation for the Field

Making a list, checking it twice

All my gear- cameras, underwater housing, mask, fins, snorkel, wetsuit, Mosart tags, toiletries, clothing, etc.- was laid out and ready to pack. All, that is but the 9V batteries to power the click detector and Mosart tags! A quick run to the store remedied that near miss. By early evening, my bags were packed and I was ready for an early visit to the airport. To include a few more bits of information on the Mosart tag and pec pac: We sent the empty pec pacs to RIMS in February so that the dolphins could get used to wearing them. We wanted the dolphins (2/time) to feel comfortable (i.e. habituated) to wearing the pec pac so they would behave “normally” when we were recording with the array and tags. Christer has used the tags on dolphins at Kelmardens D. in Sweden and a few other areas. He has identified a vocal signal that dolphins use to “mediate play”. The sound is a squawk followed closely by a whistle. Dolphins seem to use this joint sound to signal that the seemingly aggressive activity is play. For example- chases, hits and bites, feature in fights and play (think puppies and children). Tomorrow is for travel. Cheers, Kathleen