Late Afternoon Data Collection

Horrible visibility causes an early end

Today also included our team having their second encounter/swim program. Armed with more recognition and information about each dolphin, everyone recognized more individuals and had their own special games (seaweed toss) with the dolphins. I always try to evenly represent the daytime hours in our data collection here at RIMS. Well, almost. The visibility deteriorates throughout the day, usually. But, still, I try at least one late afternoon session. I was lucky to see my hand in front of my face. After about 20 minutes and little data, we called it a day. The data sheets could wait till tomorrow – after our early planned session. Tonight is Fiesta Night at AKR – a BBQ with entertainment. The latter included crab races, fire juggling and Garifuna dancers…oh yes, and the limbo. It was a good night, indeed a good day. More data tomorrow. Cheers, Kathleen P.S. Yet again – no bags for Sandra and Mattias. At least they are at a resort and have access to dive gear and clothing!