Two observation sessions today.

No one wore the pec pac this morning, but Ronnie kept up his poking, jawing and prodding. I long for the time when he mostly ignores me again (that is a double-edged sword though). Gracie’s turn was afternoon. She’d become very comfortable with the pac and girdle, but the MOSART tag added about a pound of weight. It is neutrally buoyant but adds drag. This she not like as indicated by my witnessing her strenuous attempts to shake it off. I alerted Bruce and he was waiting for Gracie to come to the dock to remove the pac (after about 10 minutes). About 5 minutes later, Gracie swam by with whistles and bubble streams, and no pec pac. I asked Bruce of he removed it- “Nope”. So, Gracie was successful and I had the size of 2-3 soccer fields, underwater, to search for the tag after this session. I kept my eyes out. About 5 minutes before the session’s end, I saw 3 young dolphins checking something out in the sand- hurray- it was the pec pac. I snatched it up and wore it on my left pec for about 5 minutes. I felt very lucky- even if I received more echolocation in my left side. As a side note, the borrowed laptop worked this afternoon and we downloaded the date from Ronnie and Gracie- will examine it after the field-work. Cheers, Kathleen P.S. Yes…again…no bags for Sandra and Mattias. It’s sad that the airplane people know Sandra’s voice.