AM socializing

Two sessions before 10:30 am

Paya has decided not to leave Cedena's or Rita's sides, although he did greet me this morning briefly before rejoining the two adult females. Paya and Esteban usually do the dives, but lately Paya (more interested in the ladies than human dives) has declined to go. Esteban did today's dive and late day show solo.

Besides seeing Paya, I saw everyone this morning, even Carmella (who is very shy), Rita, Mrs. Beasly and her 1 month old calf, Mr. French. Hector and Richie were playing rough while I saw much pectoral fin rubbing between Alita and Fiona, Carmella and Ronnie or Mika. Ronnie hung out with Esteban for more than 50% of this session – which I was thankful for because this meant less interest in me from Ronnie.

Gracie showed much interest in Mrs. Beasly and her claf. And someone kept leaping at the surface. Overall, the activity was less than yesterday, but it was still fun to watch and record.

Till tomorrow-