A visit by a wild dolphin group

At about 8:00 am, we saw a group of maybe 20 dolphins swim by

We could not ID the species, but watched for about 5 minutes as wild dolphins passed by our cabin heading east.

Our am session – 30 minutes between 10:30 and 11:00 am- was plagued by a downpour! I was already wet from swimming, and Kristy got soaked too! The rain was loud underwater, but the visibility was clear and better than 15 meters. And, the dolphins were social and very vocal.

The dolphins were mostly in 1 or 2 groups. Most of the males, except Paya, Mr. French, and Ronnie, hung out together. Paya seemed glued to Cedena's side. Esteban seemed to want to play 'chicken' with me by swimming at me slowly and unwaveringly. There was much rubbing and jaw play.

Near the end of today's observation, Mika suddenly approached me with Mr. French! She seemed to be showing him off. Mrs. Beasly kept a 'seemingly' watchful eye. Tomorrow is another early morning session.