In the wee AM hours of Friday, Gracie delivers her son to join the group.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better! With one volunteer, I arrived at the dock about a half hour early to gauge the group behavior and to consult with the trainer on site to determine if we could do a session. We were greeted with a smile and a “Guess What?!” By the trainer’s smile, we then knew that Gracie had had her calf too. Both moms and calves seemed healthy and fine. Two corks bobbing in the group. The visibility seemed better from above, but I waited for confirmation from Bruce, Assistant Director, before entertaining any thought of entering for underwater data collection – now with TWO calves! Bruce gave the go ahead and I entered cautiously with my team set in their spots for observations. Almost immediately Gracie brought her son over to show off. I actually saw this pair more than a dozen times close up during the 60 min session. Gracie was so proud and actually also brought her calf around to show to each of the observer stations. She kept her body between her calf the fencing and the posts though she did allow him to be on her closer side to me. Some of the juvenile dolphins as well as the adults all seemed to be taking turns hanging out with each mom/calf pair. Both stayed mostly in the center of the facility well away from the fencing. Both moms were eating well and we observed each calf commence nursing from each mom. It is hard to put into words what our emotions were but everyone was beyond happy and thrilled to be watching these two pairs, as well as the other dolphins. An Awesome Day!!! Kathleen