Absolutely Icky Underwater Visibility!

Icky is an all-purpose “technical” term for less than 2 m vis with suspended silt

We completed the morning session but it is likely that I recorded about 20 min of dolphins in view from a 60 min session. I have gotten my wish – the dolphins mostly ignore me and go about their own business of socializing, playing, resting, etc. The only drawback to this is when the underwater visibility is not good, then it feels like I am swimming in pea soup and can only see when the dolphins are close to me. Still, we recorded some interesting vocalizations and some socializing.

When I say ignore me – that does not always include the youngsters. Sometimes they are in the mood to play, and I feel like they decide that I am their new toy. Then, I have to work hard to not respond and to not make eye contact. For example, for about 5 min this morning Mika and Maury were extremely curious about my fins. They are green and a bit worn, not very intriguing to me. But to these two young females, they seemed like the holy grail! Since I was about 150 m from the exit platform, I could not easily remove myself from the water. So, I did the next best thing … I removed my feet. Basically inverting myself with my fins above the water line. This caused increase buzzing on my legs and I awkwardly continued to film from an angle between my legs. Odd? Yes. Many questions from my surface observers? Yes. But soon, Maury and Mika moved on.

The afternoon was “free” in that folks went into town or snorkeled on the reef. Outside the coral barrier reef the visibility was better. Another early morning session awaits us tomorrow … and the hope that the water will clear up a bit.