Sunny skies, calming seas

Resuned data collection in the afternoon

The day began beautifull but with not good underwater visibility. Luckily the strong curretn cleared the silt away for an afternoon session of data collection. I don't remember ever fighting such a strong current ( at least~ knots). Still, it was worth it. Mrs Beasly brought her 1 mo old calf by for a quick look. I was also able to observe Cedena and Gracie and some of the younger dolphins (Mika, Maury, Fiona, Bill). Paya was very interested in Alita and even crowded me a few times. By crowding, I am referring to Paya moving his body sideways at me-mostly there is a wall of flesh in my camera and at my side. A good day and better to be back in the water. Cheers, Kathleen