Jaw claps, again, and some early morning socializing

Two morning sessions and an afternoon physical

After a few minutes, he turned his attention to Maury, where it remained for the next 30 minutes. There was relatively little activity this morning, except for Maury and Hector. Paya was still glued to Cedena's side and Rita was with Mrs. Beasly and Mr. French, Alita and Fiona.

Kristy was indoctrinated in MVA4 use, as she was the in-water operator for the second morning session. 'It takes some getting used to – the hardest part was keeping the MVA in position, knowing where and what was going on around me, and making sure I was getting it on video. It's not as easy as Kathleen makes it look!'

Some of the dolphins are being trained for 'behavioral blood draws' – a less stressful way to do a health check. Basically, the dolphin presents his or her tail so that we can draw blood. We worked with Mika this afternoon.