The One Week Mark

AM & PM swim sessions with MVA3

Half of the observations this morning were spent with 4 youngsters – maybe Mika, Bill, Maury, & Ronnie. They were rolling, rubbing, and noisy and near shore. It was at times hard to follow one or two dolphins so Kathleen focused on the group.

Paya & Esteban, the 2 adult males, also swam right up to Kathleen and eyeballed her … at one point only Paya's rostrum was in the view finder … giving and interesting view.

The afternoon recording was 56 minutes with a decreasing underwater visbility (silty & low light) and a few passes by the dolphins. Mostly they were into their own thing and out of Kathleen's view. The young dolphins seemed to be practicing their mating behavior!

Tomorrow is a full day with visitors so Robin and I will be working on video analyses.
Till then,
Kathleen & Robin