Finally – IN the Water!

For 1.5 hours of observation, ~1.4 hrs of data.

We were in the water for 1 hour this morning with Kathleen recording. It was hard to get out and I almost lost track of time. Robin was making surface observations from the 10 m platform and documenting where the dolphins were in relation to the MVA3 & Kathleen. The dolphins were VERY curious about the MVA3 and Kathleen. But, she ignored them … even when two of the younger dolphins decided to first hit the right hydrophone with her rostrrum and then to kick it with his tail. The first hit seemed intentional while the second was not. (from Kathleen's perspective).

After a brief period (2 hrs) of rest and more surface observations, Kathleen was back in the water but for 30 minutes this time. We were very productive today … leading to many hours of video analyses in our future!

Till tomorrow.
Kathleen & Robin