Final ECD testing

Great Stuff! clicks and more

Our third ECD testing, gathering details on the directivity of dolphin clicks, had us asking dolphins to remain stationary approximately 15-20 feet (5-6 m) from Kathleen and the MVA3. And, then echolocate and head scan at the MVA3. Most did this in their own unique way. Maury was touching her mom, Gracie, as she checked out the MVA3. Cedena did a head (rostrum) stand and clicked with one head scan on her way up for air.
All the testing was successful and will provide good baseline information for us to compare click structure from dolphins in our free-swimming situations – both from Japan and RIMS.
The day remained overcast and gray. A nice change from broiling heat even if the underwater visbility was less than 6 m.
Till tomorrow,
Kathleen, Robin & John