Team #1 of Volunteer Researchers departs

After having helped gather more than 10 hours of data

For Kathleen:
There is a lady scientist by the name of Kathleen
Who videos dolphins with her array of green.
Now – KD – she's not like most scientists you see
She enjoys educating people like you and me.
So off goes a group to Honduras
All of them very curious.
To work with KD on data sheets
Recording whistles and bubbles and some strange bleats.
All agree, working with Kathleen is very unique
And learning so much from her unique technique.
Thank you Kathleen.
We can't forget Roatan or you.
And all of the terrific work that you do.
You're one in a billion
Here! Here!
And we all hope to see you again next year!

For Robin:
Robin – a girl as sweet as her name
Tall, lean and blonde way ahead of the game.
Studies the dolphins and learns their ways
Snorkels and swims in and out of the bays.
With resolute calm always smiling and sweet
Whenever we needed her she was up on her feet.
She partners with KD, they are quite a pair
There was the canopy climb, riding and snorkels to share.
Robin, best to you on your upcoming doctorate
We know as with everything you'll do great.
Thank you my friend for all the fun
We laughed, played and broiled in the sun.

Cheers till tomorrow
Kathleen & Robin