Unpacking & Settling In

Water-testing the MVA3

Robin's bag did not arrive, so I was the one to jump in with the empty MVA3 housing. The MVA3 is the third version of the mobile video/acoustic array that we finished building on Sunday afternoon. John help and did most of the fabrication for the MVA3. We will post pictures at some point before the end of October.

Well, this housing is mechanical and one of the DAT (echolocation click recorder) glands leaked. Not bad, just a trickle, but too much. It took about 1.5 hours and the borrowing of an allen wrench from the dive shop (thanks) to fix the dry gland (yes, silicone helped too). And then we were good to go. Robin and I still held our breath when we plunged into the sea with the camera and recorder inside the MVA 3. But it held and kept dry. Hurray!

Kathleen & Robin