The research continues

Second full day of data collection and observations

Our morning presented a trainer-contact session during which Binti and April learned to time and document all contacts (touches/rubs) between a trainer and dolphin (during 5 min scans). One person watches a dolphin/trainer pair and dictates contacts to the recorder. The other times them and another records the contacts. Robin and Kathleen do this as a pair. 'It was a lot harder than we thought and our respect for Robin & Kathleen climbed.'

Our MVA-operator distance surface observations (by two teams) and acoustic recording/monitoring teams were hard at work … by 10 am. (after their first snorkel) Kathleen shouted loud enough today so that we all synched at the start. There seemed to be much more underwater activity – both from Kathleen and the dolphins than yesterday.

During today's session each two person team resumed yesterday's station … after much debate. Everyone wanted to perfect their skill with their given task prior to trying a new observation option. And we are VERY surprised at how fast that broiling hour in the sun went by. Tonight is Robin's talk on dolphin play.
Till tomorrow,
Kathleen, Robin & Team #1