Our volunteers’ first dolphin encounter and swim

And first delve into data documentation

During this week, Joane, April, Dave, David, Lois, Binti will be helping with our field reports as well as their normal duties of data collection, analyses, and general observation-making. Next are their thoughts on the dolphins and our research:

The dolphins are cooperative, graceful and want to play with us. They accepted us in their environment and let us swim among them. It was an awesome experience! Like being in another world. Words seem to have failed all of our volunteers. They have a glassy-eyed look … suggesting they are reliving their experience.

Comments about the research: 'What research?' 'We never thought research could be so much fun.' 'It made perfect sense when Kathleen & Robin explained the methods, then actually making observations and collecting data were much harder than we thought.' 'But … we are getting there with practice.'
Till tomorrow
Kathleen, Robin & Team #1

P.S. Monday nights fiesta taught us not to challenge David in musical chairs!