Clouds & Rain

2 underwater recording sessions in dark water

For most of today the dolphins were into their own thing. In fact, Mrs. Beasley seemed irritated beyond measure with Cedena. We have no clue what led to her behavior, but Mrs. B chased, jaw clapped and jawed at Cedena. Robin saw Mrs. B chasing Cedena and Cedena leaping ~3 m into the air! They'd quieted down by our afternoon session.
Whistles abounded … and were mostly audible and recorded on the morning 30 min session. The sound channels cut in and out – it sounds like our preamplifier is shorting out. The afternoon was even more sporadic for audio. When we checked the camera and preamplifier that evening no sounds came through. So, we are left with no preamplifier and just passive hydrophones. (The click detector is working well, so far.) We'll still get sounds but they won't be as loud.
We've asked John to bring a new preamplifier with him in two weeks.
Till tomorrow
Kathleen & Robin