Tuesday – first early AM session.

Lots of contact, rubbing and pectoral fin – pectoral fin rubs.

Yesterday Eldon and Bruce gave us the okay to observe the dolphins before the first morning training session. We waited an hours and a half after sunrise to assure good light levels (Yes, we were awake at sunrise with anticipation.) Kathleen was in the water by 7:20 am and witnessed everyone rubbing various body parts on everyone else (technical terms).

Before and after water entries we use a volt meter to check the status of hydrophone and click detector voltage levels. This morning we noticed one battery of the two for the preamplifier for the camera hydrophones was not being used. Consequently, we have no audio on today's 1.5 hours of data. We've not found the reason and will try recording tomorrow morning without the preamplifier.

Till tomorrow.
Kathleen & Robin