Monday – All refreshed

2 morning swim sessions, each 30 min

We woke refreshed after a day away from research. A hike to the botanical gardens, yesterday, was well worth it. The dolphins were their usual cheery selves. We saw much rubbing underwater and a few tail slaps at the surface this morning. Paya and Esteban, the two adult males, did a reef dive with some tourists so we only watched 12 dolphins this morning.

We spent the afternoon, 4 hours, reviewing video. We are now half way through the logging of tape 3. We recorded tape 10 today. We are doing an underwater observation session in 30 and 60 minutes chunks as our tapes are 60 min long. It is amazing that in 60 min the dolphins are in view about 55 min. Thus logging the dolphin IDs from the tapes takes a loooonngg time.

Tomorrow we conduct our first early morning session. We plan to be in the water at ~7:15 am.
Kathleen & Robin