Observing Dolphins and Listening to Talks

Our morning began as expected with data collection on the dolphins – underwater video, surface observations, and space use data. There were some speed swims and leaps and lots of activity. After breakfast, we spent the morning in the classroom with talks by Richard and Giulia on syntax in non-human animals and whether they have it or not. We also reviewed the morning video data and practiced IDs. The afternoon included another space use data collection session and some paper reviews and reading. Our evening included a presentation by Kathleen about dolphin cognition and what we know and what we still have to learn.

Shereen – I really enjoyed Kathleen’s & Giulia’s talks today. And Richard’s too.

Marriah – Today Manon showed me a remora and it was very cool.

Liz – Today I saw a very large and very dead squid in the dolphin lagoon. It would have been larger if it had legs.

Anna – Listening to Kathleen’s talk, I found similarities in cognitive behaviors between cattle and dolphins.

Daniel – Today we collected space use data after a dolphin encounter.

Giulia – After Kathleen’s talk, I’m really eager to learn about how dolphins use echolocation.

Katariina – After Kathleen’s talk, I’m eager to read more on pointing in dolphins and other animals.

Amalia – We had lots of interesting talks today. And, we unanimously agreed, Kathleen’s was great.

Poppy – I finally got to play with the dolphins today.

Richard – After Kathleen’s talk, I am eager to read more about dolphin cognition.

Kristin – After Kathleen’s talk, I am eager to read the book Kathleen will write soon about dolphin cognition.

Manon – Maybe one dolphin is gonna show up with a remora tomorrow.

Tomorrow is our second dolphin encounter and swim. We look forward to it!

Until then,


The York U team