‘Iruka’ House

aka. The Dolphin House – my abode for 6 weeks

I feel very very lucky to have a house with kitchen, bath and washing machine this field season. It seems almost decadent! The house in which I am now living was used last summer by the Dolphin Research Group here and they will return in July and June. Hishii-san and Kogi-san spoke with the house's owner and obtained permission for me to use it for May and June. Joana and Robin will stay with me as well. And, hopefully some of the other researchers will come visit often. We can review data and tapes. In fact, last week Mai-chan was out with a group of visitors on Nobuo-san's boat. They saw the first calves of the season! Three so far observed with two of the moms identified. Because the research group has used, and will use, this house, it received the nickname 'Iruka House' from residents. Iruka is dolphin in Japanese. The house is ideally situated … in the center (literally) of town and with an awesome view of the ocean. Unfortunately, the ocean today is quite rough … 'ippai shiranami arimasu' – or there are many whitecaps (white water on the ocean surface) today. Add wind and rain and you'd have what our weather is. I guess we wait another day to go to sea. cheers kathleen