Rain cancels Iruka Festival.

Research summaries and talks make up the day.

I spent today getting caught up on writing a few summaries and other bits of information regarding my time on Mikura this year. Also, because Kazumi is a talented interpreter and willing to help us, I was able to communicte more easily with some of the other researchers today. That is, we talked about the workshop and its affects. We also talked about some research ideas and various future possibilities.

The afternoon was a bit relaxing with another visit from the three boys from yesterday. And, tonight we are having a farewell gathering for this season. I look forward to seeing everyong later today.
Since my research gear was shipped to Tokyo yesterday, I only have a few things to pack tomorrow … the data, videotapes and audio tapes, always travel with me and then there are a few other items to pack. So, monday will be spent visiting as few people and few favorite spots on Mikura.

I'll post a few more updates later this week with summary information.