The kindergarten.

Sharing dolphin (and shark stories), and …

The morning was spent at the kindergarten first teaching them a bit about the dolphins around Mikura and the spotted dolphins in the Bahamas. I showed the 8 kids a short video and some photos and posters. We chatted a bit and I did my best to answer their questions. Then, we played. It was raining (of course) so we ran around in the gym next door. Chase and tag began our foray and then we kicked around some soccer balls … a nod to the World Cup.

Watching and playing with the kids reminded me of the juvenile dolphins we observe around the island. So exuberant and full of energy. We played for about an hour before heading into lunch. We all ate well.

The evening brought us more rain, consistent throughout the day, and a meeting of the various researchers and MIK folks. This week begins the weekly informal meeting. Since I am leaving early next week, Hishii-san asked me to start the meetings. This is an informal gathering to share ideas and current research topics and results. It was fun and enjoyable.

Tomorrow, Hisae-san and Kazumi-san arrive. Together, and with Kogi, Masaki and Mai-chan, we will give the workshop on dolphins on Saturday morning. Tomorrow, assuming the weather is good and they arrive, will be a prep day.