A dramatic sky and sea in shades of silver and charcoal.

The day did not dawn but did arrive with flair.

The morning trip yielded dolphins that were resting or traveling, visbility worse than pea soup, and only about 7 minutes of video. Still, it was nice to be on the water. Our morning trip was delayed about 30 minutes because of a rain shower that dropped about 500 mm of rain in 15 minutes. The roads became rivers – literally! This rain shower is likely the cause of the poor visibility around the island … dirt run-off from the mountain. The afternoon was spent working on the data sheets and then a bit more video ID confirmation. Masaki and I worked on the first tape I shot for the season. On 18 and 19 May. It was neat to see two of the new calves just after they'd been born. They were really tiny and have grown much in the last month. All in all a productive day. I look forward to tomorrow. I hope to learn a bit about theodolite data collection with Kogi. I will help him with a theodolite survey from just above the new pier. This instrument is a survey's transit and allows a person to watch and track dolphins from shore at a distance. Kogi is studying human/boat-dolphin interactions. Till tomorrow, cheers Kathleen