More video, more dolphin smiles.

Good and bad visibility, strong and weak current.

Several boats were on the water today with visitors wishing to see dolphins up close and personal. The visibility was better than yesterday on average but still silty and murky near the surge zone … about 2-3 meters out from the place the waves were breaking. Our first group was similar in membership to the group of dolphins we saw at Nango yesterday. Maekake and a couple other adult females. They were quiet and slow moving today. It seemed that our first group of dolphins were mostly resting. Even if a few young dolphins were inquisitive and playful. (Kids always seem to have more energy than adults … no matter the species.) Our second to last sighting and dolphin group were seen by Numurine and there were more than 15 dolphins here … mostly moms and calves. Actually, here we saw 4 of this year's calves as well as a few juveniles. And, in fact, around the island today, we saw all of the calves born so far this summer – at least all the calves that we have documented as having been born this year so far. A neat day on the water. The weekend looks to be a bit better in weather and maybe we'll get out there again. Till then … cheers Kathleen