Rainy, Overcast Day

Poor Visibility, rough seas. But, we saw dolphins.

More data! And, we saw three of the new calves of the season … three moms with their new calves among a group of mostly adult females and juveniles. Neat to see them, though they were in and out of our view due to the less than 3 m visibility. The sea was still a bit turbulent from the storm that passed and there was a distinct line indicating where the rain water had washed dirt and debris into the ocean. Brown then blue-black in color. The distance from shore for this division was between 2-3 m and ~150 meters depending on where we were around Mikura. Our lengthy swim with the adult female/juvenile group was just east of Motone. It was a great feeling to see Atokake and her new calf. I'd not met her calf yet and she swam right by us, as if to show her new little one to us. The two calves born in early May that were here have grown considerably. Still, they seemed not to stray far from mom today. Cheers Kathleen