Afternoon trip with Masaki, Kogi & Hasegawa.

The foreshadowing of a storm, plus lots of dolphins.

But, we had 5 sightings, i.e., five dolphin groups and were able to record about 30 minutes of video. Getting in and out of the boat was not the easiest it could have been, but Masaki and I managed. We did not see #032 (Atokake) and her new calf, but we did see several other dolphins. Several moms with year old or two year old calves. Some sub-adult males and females. The dolphins were inquisitive and playful. And, on our third entry (of 6ix today), we entered such a strong current that even trying to swim forward still saw us moving backward! The dolphins kept moving to keep up with us. It was rather comical actually. Today is likely to be our last day on the water for 3-4 days. There is a typhoon moving up from Okinawa and it is scheduled to be here on or near Wednesday. So, everyone is battening down the hatches, so to speak. Boats are being removed from the water and secured. I rather like storms. Reminds me that Mother Nature is still in charge. Cheers Kathleen