Remembering Dolphin ID’s

On and in the water again today.

But, we saw dolphins and they played a bit with us. I remembered some of the ID's for the dolphins from having viewed the sketch books and past videotapes (still from this summer). It is always a good feeling when I can remember the ID number and/or name of a dolphin when observing it in real time. We had four sightings, i.e., four groups of dolphins, today: at Shiranango, Ebiiso, Jirozo and Kawaguchi Taki. Most of the individuals within the groups were resting or milling about, but some of the younger dolphins in each group were inquisitive. They circled us and clicked madly. Another good day, another 20 minutes of video filmed. We saw several of the adult females in the population today, though none with calves from this season. We have not seen the few adult females that appeared very pregnant last week. I wonder if they have moved off a bit to have their calves? I guess we will have to wait and see. Till tomorrow, Kathleen