Wind, Sun, Waves

More 'deskwork' and video ID's

The more ID's that I can confirm here on Mikura will make working on the videotapes and analyzing the behavior and sounds that much easier … well, so to speak. If the ID's are done prior to returning to my office/lab, then we can focus on the behavior and sound analyses from the start. That is the interesting portion of the data analyses. Not too much else to add for today. Hopefully the weather will improve tomorrow and we can go out on the water. There were 86 quests on Mikura this weekend to hike the mountain and swim with the dolphins. That may not seem like many, however, remember that the island has a resident population of about 210 people. There are only 6 watching boats that take about 8 people maximum per 2-3 hour trip. Most of the guests left today and the afternoon was quiet except for the breeze. Till tomorrow, Kathleen