Maya Key!

Monday is Maya Key Day! And, also Memorial Day in the US. That said, each day of our field course begins with dolphin observations and data collection. This morning was a calf show with Kami speed swimming through the main lagoon with various other dolphins following and hanging out. Alita wanted to play seagrass and Stan, Rocky, and Buzz were in a socio-sexual ball! After breakfast, Jennifer gave her sea turtle lecture and then we headed to Maya Key for snorkeling, visiting replica Mayan ruins, and observing terrestrial (and some aquatic) animals. Jennifer’s lecture brought luck as we saw two rehabilitating hawksbills sea turtles and a HUGE black grouper. Some of us also met a capuchin monkey, while others observed the pumas and peccaries. Once we returned to AKR, we spent time practice dolphin IDs and had a talk about dolphin cognition after dinner. It was a busy day!

Natalie – Chuckie the Capuchin is now my new best friend.

Kiki – snorkeling was awesome – saw a sea slug and so many cool fish. I really like the disco ball fish.

Isabella – We got scented by a jaguar and Chuckie the Capuchin licked my ear.

Sydney – I got scared by a parrot and became besties with a Capuchin.

Blake – I had a lot of fun seeing the native animals of Central America on Maya’s Key.

Julia – I met a sea lion that reminded me of my dad.

Hattie – I had a lovely conversation with a parrot today.

Aria – I had a really wonderful time snorkeling and free diving near the drop off.

Grace -I really liked seeing the grouper while we were near the drop-off.

Hannah – I got to hold a sea urchin.

Memphis – Chuckie the Capuchin was the star of the show.

Mel – I don’t think I’m gonna leave. And I touched only the animals I was supposed to while walking around Maya Key.

Shane – Maya Key was very nice , very good snorkeling. Lots of pretty little fish. Looking forward to Kathleen’s talk tonight.

Manon – Wow! That was a big grouper! Too bad Shane didn’t see it so we could compare it to the giant parrotfish.

Tomorrow, we learn more about diving physiology!

Until then,


The Waterproof Rams