Mac is Back!!

Our day began with the worst underwater visibility I have ever experienced. The featured photo is Ronnie and Lenca … their heads are within a few inches of me and I could not see their flukes! I was only in the water for about 3 minutes. I truly hope the visibility improves tomorrow.

The angst of two consecutive days of poor underwater visibility was assuaged by … the return of Mac ‘n Cheese at the fiesta night dinner and event!!

We all rejoiced, as you can see above by both Bill’s and my grins here! It was VERY yummy!!

I’m also happy to report that DCP’s hermit crab race winning streak is unbroken! Tracy’s crab (#15) won the race tonight. Tony was very supportive and admired the winning crab held by Tracy!

Not only was tonight a superb evening filled with revelry and festivities but the day brought some other exciting aquatic animal sightings to our dive team. The long sought spotted eagle ray made an appearance as did a ~12 ft hammerhead shark along the wall at Bear’s Den. Apparently, not only our divers were thrilled by this viewing but Alson (aka Latta to Kathleen) was ecstatic!

And, Shannon, Kate, Mary & Louise met Bailey during their encounter and swim this morning. They also experienced the limited visibility but were still able to play a game of seaweed keep-away and enjoy the dolphins in their lagoon.

We did get to spend a bit of time with Meredith and Bailey for a third reading study training session. Bailey is improving and got 5 of 9 symbols correct.

We are looking forward to early morning data collection in (hopefully) more clear water and another day of diving and snorkeling.


Kathleen and DCP’s October 2022 Ecotour Group