Last Full Day for URI in 2024!

The underwater visibility was EXCEPTIONAL this morning. We saw LOTS of socializing, surfing a boat wake (the speed runs underwater were cool!). Kathleen and Manon experimented with a second GoPro facing backward that recorded dolphins playing at Kathleen’s fins … and her leg and her arm. Only Buzz noticed the additional camera even before Kathleen entered the water!

After a quick breakfast, we had a boat ride to West Bay for a snorkel at The Aquarium where we saw LOTS of different fish. But, the highlight was the hawksbill sea turtle and tiger grouper right as we entered the water – under the boat! We also saw lots of parrotfish, blue tangs, sergeant majors, French and queen angelfish, a pufferfish and so many more.

The afternoon included another paper discussion and reviewing IDs from the morning video data before we hopped into the water taxi for a last afternoon visit to Bailey’s to join the trainers and the dolphins for a session. Thanks to Archie and GiGi with Alita and Buzz, and to Carl and Ashley with Poli, Kami, Rocky and Sandy, and to Chaslyn, Gerald, and Andre with Gracie, Trixie, Elli, Gizmo, Bailey, and Tank! It was awesome to get to meet the trainers and the dolphins and learn more about operant conditioning that Teri taught us about yesterday.

This evening was our last and the dinner was delicious followed by one last modified ID session … which was a contest that Manon and Kathleen created for us! There were 30 different dolphin images that we had to ID … Gill and Sarah tied with 8 correct IDs!  

Sam – So blessed to have had the opportunity to hang out with and learn about dolphins every day. I’m going to miss Roatan. Also, Buzz is the best dolphin…non-negotiable.

Claire – I got splashed by a dolphin and saw a gigantic parrot fish. Super cool, also, Elli and Rocky are better.

Corey – Saw a sea turtle and an eel, so today’s snorkel was definitely my favorite. Sitting in on a training session with Gracie and Trixie was great. 

Gill – I am officially dolphin ID champ. I would like to thank Alita, Bailey, Buzz, and Champ for really helping me out.

John – This was an incredible trip. I did things that I’ll never forget and meet people that I’ll never forget. These dolphins and these experiences will be something I’ll remember for my whole life.

Brooklyn – I’m gonna miss all of my dolphin friends, especially Ronnie because he’s the first dolphin that I ID’d. Also, shout out to Justin for being an awesome professor.

Laura P. – Hi mom! I hope you enjoyed reading the blog all week. I’ll be home soon.

Michael – So grateful to have had this opportunity, for the things learned and the friends made. Honduras will ever have a place in my heart.

Emily – The most amazing week with the best group of people. Grateful for this dolphin experience!

Ava – I had such an amazing week with great people and great dolphins.

Kayla – Great location, great people, great dolphins, great time! P.S. Saw two agoutis today.

Sarah – So sad we go home tomorrow, but I’m glad I’m leaving with extraordinary memories and amazing new friends.

Laura M. – What a week it has been! Thank you to Kathleen and Manon for taking us under their wing and showing us the incredible work they are doing at DCP. Looking forward for next time!

Justin – I had a blast with this talented group of Rams! I am so appreciative of Kathleen’s and Manon’s generosity with their experience and knowledge over the week, it’s been an outstanding trip!

Manon –Thank you to Justin, Laura, and the URI students for sharing this week with us. Safe Travel Home!

Tomorrow, we have one last observation session with Manon and Kathleen and then we finishing packing and trek home to chillier temperatures.


URI’s Agouti Gang