Preparations begin for the 2006 field season

In less than two weeks time DCP will be heading back to the exotic island of Mikura to continue our research with the bottlenose dolphins that call this island home. This year, I (Justin) will be heading to the island by myself and will be joined by Kathleen in late June. At the moment I am getting mentally and physically prepared for the trip. I’ve also been trying to improve my Japanese – it is hard to say how well I am doing. I’d say my current speaking ability is somewhere between ‘atrocious’ and ‘pitiful’. Probably a step up from last year’s rating of ‘deeply horrendous’. There is only room for improvement really! I am excited to head back to Mikura – not only will it be good to catch up with the many new friends I have made there, but I am looking forward to getting back in the water to see what has been happening with the dolphins; surely there have been some new calves born, and undoubtedly the precocious males will be covered with new scars. I hope I can still recognize everyone! I will write more later as the departure time draws near. Bye for now!