Happy Mother

First boat trip(s) of the season!  dolphin newborn baby calf I can now put my fear that this might be a slow season to rest. I piled on two boat trips today! That makes me a bit of a glutton for punishment – the weather was terrible. Huge swells and constant rain. And it was cold! Very very cold. Although I am not prone to seasickness, I was feeling pretty queasy on the boat and in the water as well – the swells made for some strong currents under the water – a bit like riding an underwater roller coaster. But all hardship aside, this was a very successful day in terms of dolphins! Lots of great video! To celebrate Mother’s Day (tomorrow), I have included a picture of Hai-chan (#081)  dolphin open jawand her newborn calf. This is the first calf we have spotted this season, but surely we will see more before too long. My old friends Ketsushakure (#404) and Koshakure (#161) were spotted today (came to say hello to me I am sure), as well as a plethora of other familiar faces. With her rather severe underbite, Koshakure is not getting any prettier, but she is still quite friendly and inquisitive. I got the Angry Jaw from Hatokatto (#004) – a crotchety old male who gave me an indignant swim-by (pictured below). It is good to have a bit of drama out there as well.  In other news, someone gave us a few pounds of fresh caught bonito (a tuna like fish). This means I will be eating bonito for breakfast lunch and dinner for at least 3 days. Not bad stuff I have to admit! And one last important note: Happy Mother’s Day mom!