Daikon disaster

 daikonNo dolphins yet 

So my first boat trip of the season will have to wait another day. The weather is not being very cooperative – it is cold and windy. Not many boats out on the water today, so I wasn’t able to find a ride. I did however stop by the school only to learn that Tanaka-sensei (the energetic English teacher I worked with last year) is now back in Tokyo teaching at another school. Apparently teachers rotate quite regularly around the various schools in the system, and his time was up! I met the new teacher, Sakai-sensei, and offered my services (such as they are).  daikon I also, rather foolishly, promised to make dinner tonight. I had planned on cooking some sort of American or European dish, but before I could get to the store, our neighbor generously offered two ‘daikon’ from her garden. Daikon are a giganormous radish also called Japanese/Chinese radish or white radish. They are huge and would pose a serious threat to small infants should you accidentally drop a daikon on one. Thankfully we are not in America, so there is no warning label on the daikon stating “do not drop on small infants”. The problem now is that I have to cook a meal with daikon. I googled a recipe and will do my best to prepare the daikon in a manner worthy of its formidable status. Wish me luck!  -Justin