Ringo-chan is a camera hog

Still averaging a trip a day

 Dolphin Ringo
Kathleen headed back to Tokyo today. It was a short but very productive visit – she went out on the boat 4 times, and took over the use of the array for me on one trip, which was a nice break. I felt a bit naked without the MVA though. I didn’t know what to do with my hands in the water without a camera! On yesterday’s trip, we ran into that same group of males and subadult females again. It is honestly becoming ridiculous! For 2 weeks now this same group is spotted on every trip! I now realize that I must have over an hour’s worth of video tape of this one group. And the vast majority of that tape is taken up with footage of Ring-chan (#356)’s backside. She simply loves to swim close to whoever is holding the MVA (me or Kathleen). She is enamored of the MVA. She swims so close that she takes up the whole frame – it makes it impossible to film any of the other dolphins when she is around. I’ve include a picture of the usual kind of footage I am recording when Ringo-chan is around. How helpful!