Back in business

Action packed boat trips Dolphin Ringo Two boat trips again today – I am officially back in business! Our morning trip was a bit boring – poor footage of resting dolphins off in the distance. But our afternoon trip was fantasmagorical! We had a very long session with a good sized group out by Mitsuana. You may recall from a few days ago that I reported on a mixed group of subadult females with adult males. Well today’s mixed group was comprised of almost the same individuals! I saw #350 (Hibiware), #356 (Ringo-chan), and #351 (Dokkiri) – all of them subadult females. The adult males included: #010 (Mouchou), #008 (Kobuhei), #055 (Mahha). The subadult females spent a lot of time with the camera in between bits of socializing with the males. I would have to label these gals “dolphin socialites” – they seem to be painting the town red on a regular basis.

We also hopped in the water out by Kurosaki with some young juveniles. The current there was extremely fast! It was just like swimming in a river. I swam as fast as I could against the current, but was still swept away in the opposite direction. Swimming with the current, however, was lots of fun! It was like flying through the water! The dolphins of course had no trouble with the currents. Show offs.