Back in the J-A-P-N

A long flight  breakable goods Ugh! What a long day. The flight was not too shabby – 14 hours, but time flies when you have an in-flight entertainment system. I watched 5 movies in a row with a couple bathroom breaks. It certainly helps pass the time. My luggage arrived with all of the research equipment intact. It always worries me that they will want to search through the camera case and take the MVA apart – surely it must look like a suspicious object to the x-ray technicians. It takes hours to pack up the MVA snug and safe in the case for the long journey; it is always an unpleasant thought that a security worker might carelessly unpack and repack everything in a matter of seconds. But no worries now – everything arrived safely. Tomorrow we head into the shopping districts to look for last minute supplies for the season. But now: sleep!