dolphin fight social friendly playTwo intense boat trips  – that is 21 in total for the season. An insane number! I am not even halfway done yet. During today’s second trip, I followed two dolphins, (#455) Saronpasu and (#065) Shakure-chan, who were involved in a little argument. It was most likely play-fighting, but they managed to look pretty convincing. They chased each other and chewed on each other’s fins. I can see now why some dolphins seem to be covered in rake-marks; those white gash marks that are caused by the teeth of other dolphins. The way these guys were chomping on each other, it had to leave plenty of dolphin fight social friendly play marks. They interrupted their little boxing match at regular intervals to approach me and echolocate on the camera. But this only distracted them for a few seconds before they went back to pummeling each other. I’ve included some picture of this little event for your viewing pleasure. I am not sure yet if I will have another trip tomorrow – today was supposed to be a tough day to find a boat ride, but I didn’t have any trouble (apparently). If I do 2 boat trips a day for the rest of the week, I will probably need hospitalization. Surely a storm will move in soon (the rainy season is upon us) and I will have a day to get to my video ID. We will see! You never know what tomorrow will bring.  -Justin