Shark Attack Victim Update

Hamlet the Survivor dolphin hamlet shark bite scar Another boat trip today and yet another planned for tomorrow! Yeah! So some of you readers might recall the story of a little dolphin I wrote about during last year’s field season: Hamlet. Hamlet (now given the number #561) is the calf of Hamu-chan (#086). Sometime just a few months after he was born, he survived a terrible shark attack. I spotted him quite often last year and was relieved to see that he was doing just fine despite some very heavy scarring.  dolphin hamlet shark bite scar And just yesterday I caught sight of him for the first time this year! Hamlet is much bigger now (still small for his age), and more independent. He spent a few seconds circle swimming around me before Hamu-chan came to collect him and off they went! I’ve included two picture of Hamlet from yesterday – one where you can clearly see the outline of a shark bite in front of his dorsal fin, and a series of nasty scars behind his dorsal fin where the shark took a big bite out of him. The third picture is a shot of Hamlet 2 years ago, not long after being bitten. He has recovered quite well, don’t you think? And since he has made it into his third year, his chances of making it into adulthood are pretty good! Yeah Hamlet!  dolphin hamlet shark bite scar