Revenge of the Ferry

I’m back! And a dolphin trip to boot!  dolphin calf

IMAGE: #040 Mituhoshishakure showing off a young calf to the adoring crowd

So yes, the ferry was cancelled! After dropping off the poisonous gas enthusiasts at Miyake-jima, our little ferry sailed right on by Mikura and on to Hachijo-jima. The weather was terrible again some more, so the captain decided not to dock. Ugh! I knew I was in for a long day. Most likely we would go back from Hachijo to Tokyo since the weather was not improving. Then from Tokyo back to Mikura for another attempt. A 24 hour journey. But! A friend and fan of these quirky little field reports was waiting for me at the dock at Hachijo to come to my rescue! After consulting with the ‘experts’ on the ferry, we learned that there was no chance of the ferry stopping at Mikura on the way back to Tokyo. So together with my Hachijo-savior, I was off to the airport where I booked myself onto the next helicopter flight to Mikura! No riding the ferry for 48 for me! It was an expensive ticket, but well worth the hassle that it saved me with the ferry. I arrived on Mikura at a reasonable hour in the morning, which gave me just enough time to get my gear ready for an afternoon dolphin trip!

It was great to be back in the water. Ketsushakure (#404) was there to greet me as usual with her circle swimming antics. We also saw #040 (Mituhoshishakure) and her very young calf (born this year). She stuck close to the snorkelers and gave everyone a spectacular view of her little infant. It was almost as if she were showing her off – proud mom that she is. A very successful research day and another tape filled up! I’ve still got another 2 weeks or so on Mikura until the season ends, and something tells me that it will be filled with good days like these. Oh, and the water is really nice and warm. Mmm!

Oh yes, before I forget to mention it, it was the ferry who get her revenge in the end. The weather did a 180 and the ferry landed at Mikura around lunch time, letting of all of her passengers except one: me, the one who took the helicopter. So she got the last laugh it seems. I think my archenemy is no longer Mr. Typhoon; it is Darth Ferry. Cruel and spiteful she may be, but I still sense good in her….