Getting last minute supplies

Visiting Yodabashi  Today was my first full day in Japan, and it was quite an experience! Tokyo is a crazy city – very crowded with neon signs winking at you from every direction. But despite all the hustle and bustle, there is something relaxing about being in Tokyo. In general, the city is free from litter, everything runs on time and the people you run across are as friendly as can be. It is a lot like Disney World in that sense. We needed to pick up some odds and  Tokyoends to round out our supply of equipment for this year’s research. This required us to visit one of Tokyo’s largest electronic’s stores – the infamous Yodabashi. It is 7 floors of the world’s most state of the art electronic equipment. I could not believe it! I am by no means a newbie to the world of geeky electronics, but even I could only identify half of the equipment I was looking at. We picked up a cell phone for me to use on the island so that the boat captains can give me a call when there is space on one of their boats. We bought the ‘basic’ model which is cross between a Star Trek phaser and a Blackberry. I am convinced that somewhere on it there is a Teleportation button that I just haven’t found yet… Within no time we picked up our supplies. We are ready to go! Tomorrow we will head to Enoshima for a dolphin workshop and then we leave in the evening for Mikura itself! I can’t wait!