Mikura where are you?

Back on the ferry – where I could be for a long long time  mikura ferry

IMAGE: My new home?

The final leg of my journey back to Mikura has commenced. I am waiting here in Tokyo for my ferry out to the Izu islands, including Mikura. I’ve been informed that the weather is terrible out by Mikura, so the chances are pretty good that the ferry will be cancelled by the time our ferry approaches the island tomorrow morning –so we won’t be able to dock. There is a distinct chance I will have to ride the ferry back and forth from Tokyo for a day or two before we are finally allowed to dock at Mikura. 48 hours on a ferry? It does not sound pleasant…. The only consolation is that there probably are not any dolphin trips that I am missing…. Not much of a consolation though.

Wish me luck!