Dolphins? What are dolphins?

Another day without getting on the water..  scuba fins

IMAGE: A picture of my fins looking sad and unused on the front steps. Strange weather conditions mean that I spent another day inside instead of out looking for dolphins. Blah blah typhoon blah blah – still no sign of any typhoon, but the seas are rough and the ferry from Tokyo keeps getting cancelled. So to cheer myself up, I decided to make a big batch of my grandmother’s special spaghetti sauce. It tastes best if it simmers for 3 or hours, so it was an all day undertaking. I miraculously managed to piece together the necessary ingredients from the local shops, and it tasted pretty close to the real thing. I invited bunches of people over to taste it, and they all said it tasted great! Of course, I am pretty sure that everyone here is too polite to tell me that they thought it was morbidly disgusting. I could serve them pureed sauerkraut in a cod liver oil broth and they would still tell me it was tasty!