Today we had a dolphin trip / fishing expedition in some rough seas

Do typhoons really exist? My faith is tested  mikura island boat

IMAGE: A boat dry docked and ready for some typhoon action!

I am beginning to suspect that typhoons don’t really exist. There are some people who believe that Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Flat Tax, and the Moon Landings do not exist and/or never really happened either, so I am adding typhoons to the list of mysterious and enigmatic items. I have been bracing myself for 4 days for a treacherous typhoon to appear on the horizon and wreak havoc, but nothing of the sort has come to pass. In fact, today was warm and kind of sunny. I had a dolphin trip today – now granted the seas were pretty rough, but if that is the worst a typhoon can do, I think they are far too hyped up. There were only a few people on the boat including a very friendly woman who was, for intents and purposes, lashed to the mast of the boat to prevent her from being pitched into the sea. But she loved every minute of it.

About 2 minutes after leaving port, we spotted a small group of mothers with their calves – they took a few minutes to check us out and then went merrily on their way. For the rest of the trip we headed out into deeper waters where Gen-san, our captain for the day, managed to catch 4 fish in about 20 minutes! The waves were pretty intense, and we headed back into port without seeing any more dolphins. A short little trip, but I managed to get 5 minutes of great footage. There is a new typhoon warning – it is supposed to hit within the next few days. We’ll see about that….