Mr. Typhoon has postponed his visit  mikura flower

Today was the day that the typhoon was supposed to arrive. All of the tourists fled the island yesterday with the afternoon ferry, leaving only the locals here on Mikura. We had expected the worst weather to hit the island today. But lo and behold, the sun came out and the weather is gorgeous! There are no boat trips because there are no tourists, which is a bit of a bummer. So I went again to the school to help with English, and I will spend the rest of the day working on data processing. There is plenty to keep me busy. Tonight Japan faces off against North Korea in a World Cup qualifying match. We are planning a little get together here for the match. I do not expect it to be like a Super Bowl party with beer, chips and cocktail wieners. It will probably be more like Sake, raw fish and rice crackers. Should be interesting…..