Data, photography, gardens and a mysterious songbird

 mikura flying antNo boat trips today – finally a chance to process data  I can’t say I was too disappointed that there were no boat trips today. The weather in the morning was dismal and drizzly, and the afternoon was boring and hazy. This gave me a much needed excuse to start processing video and audio data. Not glamorous, but a necessity. I also took the opportunity to visit the little garden I inherited from the Obaa-chan. I am scared about neglecting my duties – although the Obaa-chan is probably close to 130 years old (probably a slight exaggeration), I have a feeling she could give me a thumping with her w mikura birdalking stick if it came to it. And I bet she could still best me in badminton. So to avoid a caning and further sporting humiliation, I trekked down to the garden and tied off the new eggplant shoots that were coming up. I also took some pictures of the island including a nice shot of an insect that I suspect is a flying ant, and a mikura tsunami warning hearting shot of a Tsunami area warning sign. There is also a picture of a mysterious bird that has a wonderful singing voice. The picture is a bit fuzzy, but it was the best shot I could get. I am a dolphin guy, not an ornithologist, so I am not sure what species it is other than a songbird of some sort. If anyone has any guesses, I would love to hear from you! Head on over to the comments/questions area of the DCP website and give me a shout!     -Justin