The real research begins

Welcome to Mikura, I hope you brought your rain gear!  getting on the boat I managed to land an early boat trip this morning. Unlike the last few days, today’s weather was rather dreadful. At times there was a torrential downpour with brief interludes of debilitating hail coming at us horizontally. If you know that image from the movie A Perfect Storm – the one where the little fishing boat is perched on a 200 foot wave – then you have an idea of how it felt today. There were some large-ish swells out there, and our little boat took a pounding. Visibility underwater was not too good. We still managed to get in the water 5 or 6 times, but each time that we did manage to see dolphins, they avoided us. I only have a few seconds of useful footage from today’s effort. One of the passengers was clinging to the side of the boat and was more than a little green around the gills. Despite all this gloomy talk, I rather enjoyed today’s trip! Even though it was not fruitful, it was a taste of the real Mikura. The rest of the day I spent organizing the gear and getting the ECD and DAT ready to go for the next trip. Let’s hope tomorrow brings us some better weather and some curious dolphins!