Fog, Rain, & a half day of tourists

The afternoon turned sunny and offered a boat trip

We had 5 sightings and 7 water entries yielding another 30 min of video. The first sighting was 4 dolphins, seemingly mostly adult males. They were quiet and traveling, not interested in us two-legged swimmers.

The next sighting showed us wave surfing dolphins into their own thing. We saw them twice only from the surface. However, the group that followed included #161 (Koshakure) and her friend #404. After a few minutes #153 and #008 (both sub-adult males) joined the action. Some whistling and rubbing behavior. Near to the end of this swim, we were treated to loud pops, sharp click trains and a group of about 10 dolphins near the bottom – socially aggressive. They bee-lined away to deeper water.

Our last lengthy swim was with 4 mother/calf pairs. All calves were from last year and I recognized two of the moms: #083 and #314. Video review will tell us the ID's of the other two moms. And, #450, a precocious young female with part of her left pectoral fin missing was part of this group. The current was STRONG! and we mostly glided around the dolphins, for about 20 min.

A good day!